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Naipo Premium Massage Chair, Zero Gravity, Award Winner, 3D Surround-Sound Bluetooth



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NAIPO® enhances your everyday life with more relaxation. Our award-winning products are equipped with the latest technology that closely mimics a real massage experience.

NAIPO is considered one of the leading providers in the "At-Home Massager" category.

Forbes on NAIPO:

"These shiatsu massagers will melt the pain right out of her neck, back, legs, and other parts she didn't realize were hurting."

Since the development of our first products in Hamburg and Shenzhen, our continuously expanding range is now available in over 25+ countries worldwide.

In 2020, we opened our first showroom in Hamburg's Hafencity.

Since 2021, our products have been available at 20+ locations.


"Making the benefits of a daily massage accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere."

We aim to make the benefits of massages accessible to all individuals, regardless of their location or time, through our innovative developments.


We focus on traditional and contemporary massage therapy methods, which we incorporate into our products using state-of-the-art technology.

Furthermore, our commitment to the environment plays an important role. Therefore, we continually strive to offset our CO2 emissions.

This is achieved through the "Blue Planet Certificate" from Naturefund.

NAIPO is known from:

Grammy Awards
Business Insider
Frankfurter Allgemeine
Women's Health
Rolling Stone Magazine

If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask!

General requests? Send an email to: support-en@mustbuy.eu

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For this reason, we have decided to maintain a list of all authorized retailers (as of May 31, 2022):

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situ live london

Die Nagelfee
moebelhaus-coburg / möbel hofmann
massagesessel shop
AS Physioteam
Niko Finanz Holding

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Full Body Massage - With the ergonomic capsule-shaped design, bionic massage techniques (Shiatsu, kneading, knocking, beating, patting, stretching, and air pressure massage, waist heating function), and various massage programs, this massage chair A350 can provide a relaxing and comfortable massage experience for the whole body. A great wellness device for you and your family

Professional Massage Techniques - The bionic massage rollers can help to relieve muscle pain and stiffness by stimulating acupuncture points; Air pressure massage helps improve blood circulation; Waist heating function to help relieve waist pains; Scientific timers (5/10/15/20/25/30 Min) to avoid over-massaging

Various Massage Programs The massage program is fully customizable with 11 shoulder positions, 2 zero-gravity reclining positions, 3-foot rollers strengths, 3 massage rollers widths, 5 levels of massage speed, heating function on the waist, 6 automatic timers, 3 massage zones (Full/Upper/Fixed), and 3 air pressure massage strengths. You can also start the massage with 12 automatic massage programs

User-Friendly Design - The ergonomic SL-shaped design can be perfectly fitted to your body. You can select the massage program via the LCD remote control or the shortcut control panel on the left side of the chair. A USB charging port and a phone slot for your convenience during the massage. Adjustable length on leg unit (Max. extension: 20 cm), suitable for people of different heights

 🌱 The environment in mind -  High quality, synthetic leather which is less harmful than real leather to environment and easy to clean

Extra Comfort - The built-in Bluetooth speakers can provide 3D sound effects, and with two zero-gravity reclining positions, you can enjoy a deeply relaxing massage on this chair

Suitable body type - Max. weight: 110kg; Max. height: 190cm

Winner of two German comparison tests:

1. Massage-Experte.com "winner". Result: 96/100, More info: www.massage-experte.com/Test/naipo-a350-massagesessel-1/

2. Vergleich.org "test winner". Result: "Very good" 

Award-winning brand from Hamburg, Germany - NAIPO is an international brand, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Orders from the UK are all being shipped from our UK warehouse. 





Zero Gravity Reclining Position

2 reclining positions. The SL-Track follows the curve of your spine as the quad-style roller mechanism glides across each muscle group.

Built-in Bluetooth & Speakers

The 3D surrounding sound Bluetooth audio speakers ensure a more in-depth relaxation during the massage.

Adjustable Length on Leg Unit

Maximum extension: 20 cm. Suitable for people of different heights (from 150 cm to 190 cm).

Two Available Colors



1. This massage chair can target your acupuncture points well with a deep kneading massage. Therefore, it is normal to feel a little pain when you start using it. Please start with the lowest massage intensity.

2. We recommend using the massage chair for 15 to 20 minutes each time, and less than 3 times per day to avoid overuse.

3. Please use in strict accordance with the instruction manual to prolong its service life.

4. The heating temperature is approximately 35-40℃. It is not the main function of the chair but will help to improve your body circulation during the massage. And this temperature is in accordance with international standards that consider safety and protection of the skin.



Model: A350︱Frequency: 50/60 Hz︱Power: 120 W︱Voltage: 220-240 V︱Auto-Timing: 5/10/15/20/25/30 Min︱Air cushions: 24︱Product Size: 130*76*120cm (Standing position), 174*76*71cm (Reclining position)︱Inside shoulder width: 55cm︱Seat width: 50cm︱Gross / net weight: 108/88 kg

Shipping information for massage chairs

* Please ensure that the delivery address and telephone number are correct.

* This massage chair needs to be assembled. You can assemble the chair by following the instruction manual or contact us for the assembly video.


* If the address has a time limit for large trucks, please indicate this during the phone call.
* Delivery to a post office is not supported. Delivery is not possible on weekends and public holidays.
* If the product cannot be successfully delivered due to the customer, the customer will be responsible for freight charges and the possible 15% - 35% restocking fees.


Test NAIPO Chairs in London

Learn more

Test NAIPO Chairs in London

Learn more

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Ask a Question
  • What is the size Ov the chair is it complete or does it come apart to get thru doors

    Hello, The chair is packed in a carton (L*W*H is: 63.78*30.31*34.25inch), so it can get through easily if the doors width is more than 31 inches. The leg unit of the chair needs to be assembled, it is very simple and we also have a video for it: https://youtu.be/xBaJLcNq2LM
    Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions:)
    Best regards
    Your Naipo Team

  • Where can o view chairs please in tyne wear areas

    Hello, we have a shown room in London (Westfield Shopping Centre, Situ Live Uni), where you can test our massage chair Model MGC-A350 and MGC-8900.

  • Hi, I’m paralysed from the waist down, I’d need to know if I could get in and out of the chair before buying, do you offer a demo or period of time to return if not happy. I believe your chair would be good for my poor low half circulation being paralysed. I cannot walk, stand, feel below my T10 The worsted would be to buy to find I could not get in Thank you for your time

    Hello, our massage chair is designed to provide a comfortable massage to relieve pain and sore muscles and help people relax. But unfortunately it is not suitable for medical use. Regards

  • As disabled can I buy this vat free

    Thank you for your interest in our massage chair.
    Our massage chair is designed to provide a comfortable massage to relieve pain and sore muscles and help people relax. But unfortunately it is not suitable for medical use. 
    If you share a tax-free benefit from the government, you can request a tax refund from them directly :)

  • Hi, we would like to buy one of these chairs but need to ensure it is right for us. Can we visit your uk warehouse to try one out please


    We have a show room in London (Westfield London Shopping Centre, Situ Live Unit SU 2126 -2127, Level 50, Yard A, Core 114, Westfield, Ariel Way, W12 7GE), whre you can test our Model MGC-A350 and MGC-8900.


  • Hi I would like to buy the NAIPO PREMIUM MASSAGE CHAIR, if I purchase today can you hold the chair for a week or 2 ? until I’m ready for delivery. Regards Adam

    Hello, Yes, this is possible

  • Can I pay in instalments?

    We dont offer this option yet.

  • hi . How many airbags does this Massage chair have ?