NAIPO Premium Massage Chair with Lying Position, Bluetooth, Space-Saving, White& Dark brown


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This NAIPO 1900 Massage Chair is equipped with advanced massage techniques: kneading&swinging massage, knocking &tapping massage, fixed point massage, air pressure massage, waist warming function, lying position, and built-in Bluetooth speakers; It can provide you a comfortable and relaxing massage experience. A perfect wellness device for you and your family.

Professional Massage Techniques: The bionic massage rollers can help to relieve muscle pain and stiffness by stimulating acupuncture points.

Air pressure massage: The air pressure massage on hips and calves helps improve blood circulation.

Automatic Timing: The Scientific 15-minute timer to avoid over-massaging.

Bluetooth & Reclining position: The built-in Bluetooth speakers provide 3D sound effects and with the reclining position, you can enjoy a deeply relaxing massage on this chair.

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic L-shaped design can be perfectly fitted to your body.

Control Panel: The control panel is located on the right side of the chair, which is convenient for operating the massage programs.

Pockets for belongings: The pockets on the side for placing a mobile phone or other objects during the massage.

Space-Saving: With the compact design and sleek outlook, this massage chair is real space-saving and can fit in almost any room.

Chair size (L*W*H): 116*70*118cm (45.67*27.56*46.46 inch)
Suitable for person: Max. weight: 90kg/198 pounds; Max. height: 185cm

Various Massage Programs

You can start the massage with two automatic massage programs, or customize your own massage style from the control panel.

Available functions for manual massage:

  • Kneading/Swinging Massage
  • Knocking/Tapping Massage
  • Fixed Point Massage
  • Air Pressure Massage
  • Waist warming function
  • Reclining Position
  • Massage Area Adjustment
  • Massage Speed Adjustment
Three Available Colors


1. This massage chair can target your acupuncture points well with a deep kneading massage. Therefore, it is normal to feel a little pain when you start using it. Please start with the lowest massage intensity.

2. We recommend using the massage chair for 15 to 20 minutes each time, and less than 3 times per day to avoid overuse.

3. Please use in strict accordance with the instruction manual to prolong its service life.

4. The heating temperature is approximately 35-40℃. It is not the main function of the chair but will help to improve your body circulation during the massage. And this temperature is in accordance with international standards that consider safety and protection of the skin.


Model: 1900︱Frequency: 50/60 Hz︱Power: 96 W︱Voltage: 220-240 V︱Auto-Timing: 15min︱Air cushions: 8︱Product Size: 116*70*118cm / 45.67*27.56*46.46 inch (Standing position), 149*70*86cm / 58.66*27.56*33.86 inch (Reclining position)︱Inside shoulder width: 42cm/16.54 inch︱Seat width: 49cm/19.29 inch︱Gross weight: 65kg/143.3 pounds︱Net weight: 50 kg/110.23pounds

Shipping information:

* Please ensure that the delivery address and telephone number are correct.

* The package weight 65 kg/143.3 pounds, please make sure that at least two adults at home to receive the chair.

* This massage chair needs to be assembled. You can assemble the chair by following the instruction manual or contact us for the assembly video.

* If the address has a time limit for large trucks, please indicate this during the phone call.
* Delivery to a post office is not supported. During weekends and public holidays deliveries are not possible.
* If the product cannot be successfully shipped due to the customer's fault, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs and possible restocking fees of 15% - 35%.



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  • What is maximum weight for person using the chair

    Hello, the ideal maximum weight for person using the chair is 220 pounds. 
    (Our collueague is 240 pounds, 6‘2.52’‘, he also fits in the chair)